Pranayama Practicum: Intensive Training in the Myths, Metaphors, Maps and Wraps of Katonah Yoga


20 hours with Dages Juvelier Keates 

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photo by E. James Giles

You are a yoga teacher and practitioner.

You want to go deeper in your own practice and what you can offer others. What do you do?


In the most exhilarating moments of life, your breath is there. In the deepest grief, there too you will find the omnipresent melody of materiality, your precious breath. Vacillating between practices that stimulate and soothe, pranayama allows you to come home, to be alone with yourself. Katonah pranayama techniques are gateways to the dual tasks of learning to both soothe and stimulate oneself.


Training and teaching pranayama is different from an asana practice. Furthermore, there are differences in how you teach breath work and Katonah theory to a general class or with a private student. Learn Katonah techniques to precisely read and bolster your students. Deepen your understanding of Katonah Yoga’s potent embodied maps for reorganizing oneself in time and space through the vehicle of the breath. Gain competency in articulating your practice. We will cover a basic structure for sequencing and organizing a session to best serve the needs of different types of students. With hands-on experience you will gain confidence through applied knowledge.


  • An Atlas of Internal Cartographies; how do Nevine’s central maps of Katonah Yoga (such as magic square, body as a house, wraps for rapture) interface with other systems such as the Chakras, the Tree of Life, the tantric Five Element Body? We will dive into a rich exploration of these maps across times and cultures, gleaning insights from the teachings of kabbalists, and yogis, scholars and saddhus.

  • Dozens of breath techniques to stimulate and soothe, to activate and integrate ranging from the obvious to the invisible. Master techniques that give you concentrated radiance and voluminous structure.

  • Personal breath practices for self-care

  • Practical body readings/diagnostics of students

  • Hand placements and adjustments to help the elder, injured, sensitive student catch their breath and find space

  • Teaching pranayama and esoteric anatomy: how to articulate Katonah Yoga theory to students

  • Breakdown of frequently used breath techniques along with their modifications


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"Energy Man: The Middle Floor" Nevine Michaan, 2017 Katonah Yoga Center, Inc.

Illustration by Susan Fierro

This training will be small and personal, enabling each participant to get the information that will best support them in empowering others. Specific questions can be emailed to Dages in advance, or feel free to bring in your real life examples for mentoring.


One hour practice with Nevine: https://www.katonahyoga.com/listen

One hour practice with Dages: https://www.katonahyoga.com/pranayama-w-dages


As this training will cover Katonah Yoga material, taking some Katonah Yoga classes is suggested, either with a certified teacher or online.



“This woman seriously knows her sh*t (Katonah Yoga)! But the real magic lies in how Dages expresses the material, so imaginative and thoughtful that you can’t help but let it absorb into your bones.”


“Dages is a master of both Katonah material and teaching in general. I felt like I received 15 hours of personal therapeutic attention from both Dages and my fellow students - all so eager learn the material and practice on each other. What a truly magical and enlightening weekend. More, please!”


“This training was informative, evocative, and transformative. The manual is an incredible compilation of maps, theory, images, and practical guidance that I will continue to reference. Dages's unparalleled energy brings together a remarkable group of individuals. As we moved through the intricacies of guiding and experiencing the therapeutic work of the private, Dages skillfully held space, assisted everyone, and kept good humor running throughout. She is knowledgeable and witty; her passion for this material is invigorating. By the end of the weekend, I felt grounded in community, and excited to make use of the information absorbed throughout the weekend. So grateful!”


“This training exceeded my expectations on so many levels. The wealth of knowledge and passion that Dages has for this practice is undeniable. This training will expand not only your teaching, but the lens in which you see the world."


“Nevine had recommended I seek out Dages and take her workshops and classes. I am so grateful that I had listened to Nevine. After the training, I feel a stronger sense of understanding to the Katonah philosophy in my mind, my body, my practice and my teachings. Everyone has their own way of teaching and translating, I’m so appreciative to Dages for sharing her vast knowledge, personal philosophies and her presence. She has a gift for teaching and an ability to make some of the more complicated Katonah teachings accessible and approachable.”


Location: Brussels, Belgium: Studio Vibration, 108 Rue Lessbroussart, 1050 Ixelles


Dates and Hours:

Friday April 3 11-18 

Saturday April 4 11-18

   Sunday April 5 11-17


Tuition:  600 Euros
               100 € off for Mentorship Graduates, those who have attended the online Pranayama Course, and those who have attended a 30hr with Dages in the past


Signup Link: per email at kingslaneyoga@gmail.com


Host and Assistant: Lisa Fraipont




Deposits secure your spot for the training and are not refundable.

Refunds for the balance payments vary depending on timing.

For cancellation requests submitted with more than 45 days of training date: 100% of total amount (less deposit) will be refunded. For cancellation requests submitted within 30 days of training date, 50% of total amount (less deposit) will be refunded.

Cancellation requests within 14 days of the training: sorry but no refunds given, no exceptions. We do understand that unexpected events occur, so please consider purchasing travel insurance. No refunds or credits will be granted for failure to attend or for arriving late or leaving early.